Check out this podcast from Dog Words. In each episode of Dog Words they explore the world of dog care and companionship. “We save each other” is the motto of Rosie Fund which simply means, “The more we do for dogs, the more they do for us.” And they already do a lot! If you love dogs, you’ll love this podcast.


For this episode, which can be found at

Liz Jeans and Destinado join us to discuss massage therapy for dogs. Learn more about Liz at Her services are also available at State Line Animal Hospital & Holistic Health along with chiropractic, acupuncture, and more.

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Music for this episode is provided by alternative string duo, The Wires. Visit them at If you’d like a socially distanced concert in your backyard this fall, contact The Wires via their website.

Learn fiddle and cello-fiddle online – even if you’ve never played before – from Laurel Morgan Parks and Sascha Groshang at

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