Here at State Line Animal Hospital we know how important it is for your canine companions to get the perfect cut. Especially for doodle breeds, frequent grooming is a must in order to prevent painful and stubborn matting. That’s where our grooming team comes in!

Denise, Danielle, and Amanda are our trained and professional grooming squad who are willing to take on any dog and make them look like a star. From a quick bath and trim, to a full on stylist cut, our groomers can meet your needs and desires on how exactly you’d like your pet to look. If you have a photograph of the dream look for your dog, our groomers can even use that photo to make your dream a reality! We also have a plethora of shampoos for every skin type. Is your pet often itchy? A bath with an oatmeal shampoo will keep your dog comfortable until his next visit! Going crazy with the amount of shedding that your dog does? Our furminator shampoo and conditioner works wonders to keep your dog’s fur looking shiny and healthy, and out of your furniture!

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Plus with 3 groomers on our team, they can accept frequent visits from your dog. Have trouble remembering how often your furry friend needs to come in to get a cut? Our groomers can get you on their schedule for as often as your pet needs it– indefinitely!  You will also get a phone call directly from the groomer after every visit to let you know how your pet did and any other suggestions they have to keep their coat the best it can be from home.

Schedule your grooming services visit today by calling our clinic at 913-381-3272

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