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Radiography is a valuable diagnostic tool in veterinary medicine. As we continually strive to offer the highest quality medicine and diagnostic testing, we are pleased to offer digital radiology services as a means of providing excellent care to our patients.

A radiograph, or x-ray, can reveal information that may not be discernable from the outside of the body. Radiology can be used to evaluate almost any organ in the body, including the heart, lungs and abdominal organs, as well as the skeletal system.

Radiographs are an important tool that can help us make a correct diagnosis for your pet. They can be used to evaluate bones as well as the shape, size and position of many of the body’s organs. All this information helps us diagnosis certain medical conditions including intestinal blockages, bladder stones, chronic arthritis, broken bones or tumors.

To see your x-rays through our website, look on the home page in the right hand side of the top border is “x-ray” Click on that and enter your code, which is your client number, hyphen, and pets name. Ex: 1-Dog The slider on the right side allows you to see additional x-rays.


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