Holistic Care

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Holistic Care- An alternative Approach in Kansas City


What is Holistic Care?  How do you know if this type of medicine is right for your pet?  We at State Line Animal Hospital embrace both Western and Eastern medicine.  For example, if your pet develops an infection, the conventional approach would be to administer antibiotics.  This certainly seems an appropriate treatment.  However, from an integrative approach, one might also support the body’s defense system with various herbal treatments, foods and nutritional supplements to help their own body’s ability to fight the infection and symptoms easier.  An integrative approach may also include an evaluation of your pet’s health to see if there was some predisposing weakness that has allowed your pet to become ill in the first place.

Just as we prescribe certain medications for specific conditions or ailments, we also utilize Chinese herbs, food therapy, or nutritional counseling, and nutritional supplements to compliment traditional medicine and in some cases, in lieu of it.

State Line Animal Hospital plans to continue to provide high quality treatment choices with whole body care.  Both as a prevention as well as disease/ injury support.


You want the best for your pet and from the moment you enter State Line Animal Hospital, you and your pet will receive the best care possible. We help you care for your pet by offering quality veterinary services through a team of friendly, knowledgeable, and caring individuals.

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