Wellness Exams

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Wellness Exams

A wellness exam is an overall health assessment of your pet and should be done at least annually, and in some cases, such as a geriatric pet or a pet that has had health concerns in the past, should be done every 6 months. A wellness exam can help ensure your pet’s health and detect early stages of disease, when it is often easier and more successful to treat.

A wellness examination is a complete physical examination which may include diagnostic testing such as blood work, urinalysis, and checking a stool sample for parasites.

The care which begins early in a puppy or a kitten’s life will pay extra dividends once your companion becomes geriatric. Clients should keep in mind that dogs and cats age about 5 times faster than human’s age (an 8 year old dog is the equivalent to a 40 year old person age wise); therefore, we recommend regular health examinations.


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